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Webinars of Interest- "Carbon Neutral Solvents: A Natural Choice In A Carbon Neutral Future” (April 15, 2010, part of the Chemical & Engineering News Series) by Bogdan Comanita, PhD, MBA, Director Marketing and Sales Europe, Pennakem LLC One can listen to the webinar for free at http://pubs.acs.org/cen/webinar/

New Tools- CCaLC lifecycle carbon footprinting tool launched By: Mike Pitts- May 26, 2010 5:24 PM

Last week we launched the excellent CCaLC carbon footprinting tool for supply chains at the RSC in London. The tool takes a lifecycle approach and has been tested extensively in a wide range of manufacturing sectors: three of whom presented case studies at the launch. If you'd like to see the presentations from the event please click here We also have a CCaLC page in the Life Cycle Analysis Group or go and see the project website itself to learn more and download your own trial copy! http://www.ccalc.org.uk/


Green Chemistry Map
Mapping the Worldwide Green Chemistry Community

Looking for a green chemistry contact in your area? Consult the recently updated Green Chemistry Google map, listing over 400 individuals and organizations worldwide. Currently, 75% of the map population works at an academic institution with 15% working in industry. While most of the work focuses on education and/or research, 25% of the community list outreach activities as a significant component of their work. The map project was initiated at the University of Oregon and its growth and success is the result of an amazing three-year partnership with the green chemistry community.

Send the link below to your colleagues and tell them to select the "Instructions" link located at the top of the map page to add their information to the map. We know you are out there, please help us make the invisible...visible: http://greenchem.uoregon.edu/Pages/MapDisplay.php

Networks Green Product Design Network at the University of Oregon
The Great Lakes Green Chemistry Network

Green Chemistry Center at the University of Oregon
Boston Center for Green Chemistry at UMASS-Boston
Institute for Green Science at Carnegie Mellon
Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale University

Green Chemistry Program at EPA

Washington State Department of Ecology

Professional Associations
Green Chemistry institute at the American Chemical Society

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