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This page archives monthly, green chemistry community updates that are sent via email. Please contact Julie Haack (jhaack@uoregon.edu) if you would like to be added to the distribution list.

Supplement February 2015

GCEdNet Supplement February 2015.pdf

February 2015

GCEdNet February2015.pdf

January 2014

GCEdNet January 2014.pdf

June 2013

GCEdNet June 2013.pdf

April 2013

GCEdNet April 2013.pdf

February 2013

GCEdNet February 2013.pdf

December 2012

GCEdNet December 2012.pdf

November 2012

GCEdNet November 2012.pdf


July 2012

GCEdNet July 2012.pdf


February Supplement #1

GCEdNet Suppl 1 February 2012.docx

February 2012

GCEdNet February 2012.docx


October Supplement #1

GCEdNet Suppl 1 October 2011.docx

October 2011

GCEdNet October 2011.docx


August 2011

GCEdNet August 2011.docx


April Supplement #1

GCEdNet Suppl 1 April 2011.docx

April 2011

GCEdNet April 2011.docx

March 2011

GCEdNet March 2011.docx

February Supplement #3

GCEdNet Suppl 3 February 2011.docx


February Supplement #2

GCEdNet Suppl 2 February 2011.docx


February Supplement #1

GCEdNet Suppl 1 February 2011.docx


January 2011

GCEdNet January 2011.docx

November/December 2010
GCEdNet November-December 2010.docx

October 2010
GCEdNet October 2010.docx

September 2010 - No Announcements

August 2010
GCEdNet August 2010.docx

July 2010 - No Announcements

June 2010
GCEdNet June 2010.docx

May 2010
GCEdNet May 2010.docx

April 2010
GCEdNet April 2010.docx

March 2010
GCEdNet March 2010.docx

February 2010
GCEdNet February 2010.docx

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