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This page contains links to resources that are helpful as you incorporate green chemistry into your courses. This is a community page so please send me (jhaack@uoregon.edu) links to useful sites so that we can share them with the community.

Greener Education Materials for Chemists - GEMs is an interactive collection of chemistry education materials focused on green chemistry. The database is designed as a comprehensive resource of education materials including laboratory exercises, lecture materials, course syllabi and multimedia content that illustrate chemical concepts important for green chemistry. Each entry includes a description of the item and is searchable by a variety of parameters, including chemistry concepts, laboratory techniques, green chemistry principles, and target audience. Database entries incorporate both published and unpublished materials.

Beyond Benign - Curriculum & Teacher Training

The curriculum and teacher training work of Beyond Benign seeks to deliver teaching and learning tools to K-12 educators in order that they may share dynamic science experiences with their students with an emphasis on objective reasoning through the consideration of economy, society and the environment in equal measure.

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