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ACS Green Chemistry Institute®

The Green Chemistry Network

  • LinkedIn: Green Chemistry Network (GCN) York

GreenCentre Canada

  • Facebook: GreenCentreCanada
  • Twitter: Green_Centre
  • LinkedIn: GreenCentreCanada
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University of Oregon


The Green Chemistry & Commerce Council Quarterly e-Newsletter

From their website: “A publication of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Each issue of the newsletter provides current information about upcoming and ongoing GC3 activities, and news about green chemistry and design for environment.”

News from ACS GCI: Nexus Newsletter

The Nexus e-newsletter is published monthly by ACS GCI and is dedicated to connecting and expanding the global green chemistry and engineering community.

Advancing Green Chemistry

From their website: “Our mission is to promote the development and adoption of Green Chemistry. Green Chemistry is the scientific foundation of greener products, a sustainable economy, and healthier people. AGC’s role is to strengthen and promote the science and its practitioners, to link to strategic partners, and to highlight emerging opportunities for stakeholders. In short, AGC seeks to tip the balance in favor of broad support for – and wide adoption of – Green Chemistry.”

Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry Newsletter

Green Centre Canada 

From their website: “At GreenCentre Canada, we take a “hands on” approach to commercializing emerging Green Chemistry innovations originating from academia and industry. Our job is to transform these breakthroughs into green products, services, and industries to enhance our quality of life and preserve our environment for existing and future generations.”

Network of Early-Career Sustainable Scientists & Engineershttp://www.sustainablescientists.org (NESSE)

From their website: "We are a new generation of scientists and engineers using collaborative and green approaches to science and technology to achieve a prosperous and sustainable future for all."

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