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Suggestions of places to find information for Chemistry Bulletin Boards related to Green Chemistry

I was wondering if anyone had suggestions of existing green chemistry materials one could print or purchase to post on bulletin boards. 

So far I have posted:

The Beyond Benign 12 principles poster (http://www.beyondbenign.org/K12education/pdf/gengc12p.pdf)

and the recipients of the 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge awards (http://www.epa.gov/greenchemistry/pubs/pgcc/past.html).

I would like to find a good poster about toxicology but have been unable to find one that seems applicable.  Does anyone have ideas?  Thank you.

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You could contact the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute for additional items related to green chemistry.  What are you looking for in a toxicology poster?

Good idea, thanks.  I would like a poster that introduces the subject of toxicology.  Possibly a poster version of something like http://toxlearn.nlm.nih.gov/Module1.htm

Steve Gilbert's website has a poster with the Milestones of toxicology.  There are also 2 interactive ones here. There are also other posters available that have been submitted by others.

We (WA Ecology) just put out a poster on Isoamyl Acetate which is accessible here.  


One can order a free 11x17 print by going to the bottom of the page where is says “Request a Copy” and click on the “Hazardous Waste & Toxics Reduction Order Form”. 

Compound Interest just put out a new poster on the 12 principles-



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