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The role of green chemistry in Society (interdisiplinary curriculum materials)

I recently participated in an interdisciplinary class called, "Sustainability and Society: Science, Technology and the Environment." This graduate level class taught by Alastair Iles in the
Environmental Science and Policy Management department, attracts both physical
and social scientists. The class discussion is built around three case studies:
green chemistry (social movements and metrics), electric cars (competing
technological modes and competing solutions), and nanotechnology (risk
assessment and anticipatory governance). I have included just a few of the
reading from the green chemistry section along with the 2009 course syllabus. I
would like to pose a few questions for discussion, which I have been
considering after taking this course.

1) Is Green Chemistry a "Social Movement"?
2) What role do non-scientists have in influencing what we do and teach as
3) Is there a place for interdisciplinary science and social science in the
curriculum at your institution? If so, who teaches these classes and what is
included in their syllabuses?

Green Chem as a Social Movement 2005.pdf

Naturwiss 2003 Argument for social inclusion.pdf

ESPM 290 Syllabus.pdf

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The reading list in the syllabus is quite extensive. Can you recommend additional background pieces in addition to the ones you posted?
Yes the reading on the ESPM 290 syllabus is quite extensive, and most of it has very little to do with green chemistry in particular. But it does give the theoretical framework for social scientists to consider the role of technology in society. Other green chemistry related articles in a similar vain that I would recommend include the attached documents.
indeed the green chemistry is a social movement, bcs I have been teaching to the housewife how to exchange the hazardous house chemical to a non-hazardous house chemical and this subject become poplur among most of society.

I am teaching a Green Chemistry Course in College of Science , University of Bahrain for 5 years, and I am trying every semester add some new subject to the syllabuse of the course. and I am trying to get my student to a factory or company implement the green Chemistry in some of their process.

Dr. Saeed Al-Alawi


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